About Beaufort River Meats

Beaufort River Meats (BRM) is a meat processing facility located in Beaufort River, 270 kilometers south of Perth, in Western Australia’s Great Southern, one of WA’s largest sheep producing areas.

Currently, BRM employs around 100 staff to efficiently run the abattoir. Management and staff of Beaufort River Meats process products which consistently meet and exceed all standards set by Government Legislation. To maintain a premium product, company management and employees continually assess procedures for improvement in efficiency and effectiveness, and control non-conforming operations before they can affect product quality and export integrity. 

To achieve this goal, BRM make a strong commitment to training all Management, Quality control staff, skilled workers and back-up crew using Operations Procedures, Safe Work Instructions and information regarding Meat Industry Techniques. All training supplied is within the parameters of the Export Meat Orders / Control Acts. All of this is achieved whilst maintaining strict Occupational Health and Safety standards.


BRM location sky view
All livestock processed at BRM is Halal slaughtered to meet the international requirements of the meat markets, whilst meeting the strictest food and safety and processing standards as fully supervised and enforced by Australian Government officers.