Offals (2)
BRM Offal product

At BRM, we also produce a range of red and white offals from Mutton, lamb and goat. Demand for these products derive from various cuisines around the world. Available offals are:

Red-Heart, Kidney and Liver

White-Runners, Fat and Tripe


Skins shed
BRM Skinshed

Skins are often used for rugs & throws, clothing, boots, cushions and various household items. Currently, BRM produces the following species: Sheep, lamb, goat, deer and exotic. Price on each is variable depending on the length of skin, specie, and its condition. These skins are sold through a weekly tender and if you are interested to participate in our skins tender, please Contact Us  for more information.


Petfood is another by-product that BRM pack and ship internationally . Contact our sales team if you are interested in our petfood products.

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